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SqlOpenDatabase(filename[, version[, fullname[, maxSize']]]')


SqlOpenDataBase is used to create and open SQLite databases.

filename is the actual name of the file. If filename does not exist, it is created.

version (optional) is the version number. Used on file creation. Set to "1.0" if no value supplied.

fullname (optional) is a long description of the file. (optional). Used on file creation. Set to filename if no value supplied.

maxsize (optional) is the maximum number of records (optional). Used on file creation. Set to 1,000,000 if no value supplied.

For more information on SQLite, see Using SQLite.


Rem SqlOpenDatabase sample
DB = SqlOpenDatabase("customers.db","1.0","My Customer Database")
If DB.version <> "" Then
  Print "Database version is " & DB.version
  print "Database not found."
End If


Database version is 1.0

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