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While condition




While...Wend repeats a group of statements while a given condition is TRUE. The required component, condition, is any valid expression that evaluates to TRUE or FALSE. The optional component, statements, are executed during each iteration of the loop. While...Wend statements can be nested, and any Wend statements in a nested loop transfer execution to one level above the loop where the Wend occurs.

Example (Basic)

Rem While...Wend Example
'While...Wend repeats a group of statements

Dim Counter
Counter = 1
While Counter < 5
  Print "Counter = " & Counter
  Counter = Counter + 1

Example (JavaScript)

// While...Wend Example
/* While...Wend repeats a group of statements */

var Counter = 1;
while (Counter < 5) {
  NSB.Print("Counter = " + Counter);


Counter = 1
Counter = 2
Counter = 3
Counter = 4

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