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Len(string | variable)


Len returns a long value specifying the number of characters in a string, or the number of bytes required to output a variable. The optional parameter, string, is any valid string expression. The optional parameter, variable, is any variable. If variable contains a string, the length of the string is returned. One (and only one) of the optional parameters, string and variable, must be supplied.

Example (Basic)

Rem Len Example
'Len returns string length or variable size
Dim Frog, Survived
Frog = "Staring"
Survived = 2
Print "Len of Frog:", Len(Frog)
Print "LenB of Frog:", LenB(Frog)
Print "Len of Survived:", Len(Survived)

Example (JavaScript)

// Len Example
/* Len returns string length or variable size */

var Frog, Survived;
Frog = "Staring";
Survived = 2;
NSB.Print("Len of Frog:" + " " + Frog.length);
NSB.Print("LenB of Frog:" + " " + Frog.length);
NSB.Print("Len of Survived:" + " " + Survived.toString().length);


Len of Frog:  7
LenB of Frog: 7
Len of Survived:     1