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Asc returns the ANSI character code of a character. The required parameter, string, is any valid string expression. If string is longer than one character, only the first character is used.

Example (BASIC)

Rem Asc Example
'Asc returns an ANSI character code

Dim CapitalA, LowerB
CapitalA = Asc("A is for Apple")
Print "Character code for A = " & CapitalA
LowerB = Asc("b")
Print "Character code for b = " & LowerB

Example (JavaScript)

//Asc Example
//Asc returns an ANSI character code

var CapitalA, LowerB, str;
str = "A is for Apple";
CapitalA = str.charCodeAt(0);
NSB.Print("Character code for A = " + CapitalA);
LowerB = "b".charCodeAt(0);
NSB.Print("Character code for b = " + LowerB);


Character code for A = 65
Character code for b = 98

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