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The FlipToggle control is a slider that changes between Off and On.

To add a FlipToggle to your app, choose the FlipToggle icon in the Toolbar, then position it on the Design Screen. Use the Property Editor to set the properties you need, then add functions to your code to respond to the events that come from the FlipToggle: usually, just onchange.

At this time, Android and Android Skinny look the same. An issue has been filed with the author of the control.

This control uses the Titatoggle library. Complete documentation is here: https://kleinejan.github.io/titatoggle.


Standard properties are supported, plus these, which can be set at Design Time:

appearance Color of the text. Can be default, success, info, warning or danger. Design Time.
appearanceSlider Color of the slider. Can be default, info, warning or danger. Not all colors work with all modes. Design Time.
size How big should it be? Can be default, small, medium or large. Design Time.
mode How should the control appear? Options are default, rounded, text, iOS, iOS flat, Android, Android skinny. iOS and Android modes will work on all platforms - it's only the appearance of them. Design Time.
text The text of the control. Default is true. Design Time and Runtime.
value The value of the control. Default is true. Design Time and Runtime.

Example (BASIC)

Get value when toggle changed:

 Function Fliptoggle1_onchange()
   MsgBox "New value is " & Fliptoggle1.value
 End Function 

Example (JavaScript)

 Fliptoggle1.onchange = function() {
     NSB.MsgBox("New value is " + Fliptoggle1.value);