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Year returns an integer, that represents the year of the given date.The required parameter, date, can be any expression that represents a date.

Example (Basic)

Rem Year Example
'Year returns year of a date as an integer

Dim IndepYear, Birthyear
IndepYear = Year("July 4, 1776")
Print "YEAR of July 4, 1776:", IndepYear
Birthyear = Year("12/27/70")
Print "YEAR of 12/27/70:", Birthyear

Example (JavaScript)

// Year Example
/* getFullYear returns year of a date as an integer */

var IndepYear, Birthyear;
IndepYear = new Date("July 4, 1776").getFullYear();
NSB.Print("YEAR of July 4, 1776: " + IndepYear);
Birthyear = new Date("12/27/70").getFullYear();
NSB.Print("YEAR of 12/27/70: " + Birthyear );


YEAR of July 4, 1776: 1776
YEAR of 12/27/70: 1970

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